We are all different and each of us go through different phases on life’s journey. Our personal banking products are tailored to meet your varying dreams and ambition as you take your place in the journey of life.

Our transaction and execution capabilities include:

  • Unique chequing and savings accounts such as Savings Chequing, Business Chequing, Current Accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts and 40 & Over Club Accounts
  • Cash management systems such as cash collection and concentration, disbursement, and funds transfer
  • Card products including individual and corporate credit cards, and merchant card processing
  • Overdraft (lines of credit) and term loans
  • Investment solutions such as certificate of deposits (CDs),
  • Safe custody services
  • International Banking services such as Letters of Credit, Wire Transfers, Foreign Exchange services

General Requirements for New Account Opening

  • Proof of Identification
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Income
Specific details for various new accounts opening are attached in our ACB New Account Brochure!

ACB International Debit Card

Antigua Commercial Bank Debit Card…The fast new way to pay!

Your new Antigua Commercial Bank Debit Card does everything your previous ATM card can do and much more. It is accepted at all Antigua Commercial Bank ATM locations, and you can also use it to purchase goods and services everywhere that Visa® cards are accepted. With your new ACB International Debit Card, you no longer need to carry your ATM card.

Here’s how it works:

  • You will have access to your designated account with the convenience of one card
  • Purchases are automatically subtracted from your designated account and recorded on your monthly bank statement
  • You can use your ACB International Debit Card in Antiguan & Barbuda and abroad to access your funds
  • Your ACB International Debit Card is accepted at millions of locations, locally and worldwide
  • Your debit card automatically has free Visa® security service to make online shopping more secure
Apply for your ACB International Debit Card now! Cardholder's Agreement

Personal Chequing Account

As the pace of our life quickens convenience rises in importance. Our Personal Chequing reduces the need for frequent visits to the bank or the ATM to withdraw cash. As a Personal Chequing Account customer you:

  • Don’t need to carry unnecessary cash
  • Can make automatic transfers with a standing order
  • Have free access to our eight convenient ATMs to use and manage your account
  • Get Monthly statement with cheques to assist with your personal financial management
  • Minimum service charge: $15
  • Cheque Book: Available at cost plus stamp duty
  • Charge per entry: $1.25

Cheque Savings Account

If you are an occasional cheque writer, this account is ideal for you. It is a safe and convenient way to pay your monthly expenses. Best of all, if there is no activity, there is no service charge. An initial deposit of $500.00 is required to start. You will:

  • Receive quarterly statements
  • Experience no hassle carrying cash
  • Get free ATM service with access to your account
  • Minimum opening balance: $500
  • Minimum service charge: $15

40 & Over Club

They say life begins at 40 so enjoy it. While you enjoy this exciting and productive stage of your life we have created a bundle of benefits to support you.

That’s not all! 40 & Over Club members:
  • Are eligible for an international debit card
  • Are eligible for a credit card
  • Interest rate: 2.25% on balances of $10,000 and over

ATM Service

Banking must fit into your way of life that is why we offer eight convenient locations. Withdraw, Deposit, Transfer Funds or just check your account balance. There are other good reasons to use this service such as:

Benefits and Features
  • The service is easy to use and FREE
  • Bank at your convenience
  • No need to wait in lines to have access to your funds
  • Eight island wide locations: ACB Head Office, ACB Loans Centre-High Street, Village Walk, Epicurean Supermarket, V.C. Bird International Airport, Bargain Centre Supermarket(Perry Bay), Town House Mega Plaza and Codrington, Barbuda
  • Make deposits to chequing and savings accounts
  • Monitor account balances
  • Your Debit Card is secure with the use of your personal identification number (PIN)
  • Pay utility bills


Buying a home or acquiring a property is likely to be the biggest investment you will ever make, and a mortgage the greatest financial obligation you will ever undertake. Whether it is your first home or your third we will help you achieve your goal. In order to qualify for a mortgage you should:

  • Have a good employment history
  • Be financially capable of servicing the mortgage
  • Be creditworthy
  • Have adequate security - generally a first mortgage on the land and building

With a low interest rate, Up to 35 years to repay and Equity as low as 10% you can own your dream today. Use our mortgage calculator to determine your monthly payment.

Browse Mortgage Loan Brochure

Land Loans

Ground-breaking news! It's easy to own your piece of the rock with ACB. With a down payment as low as 5% you can own that coveted piece of land today. We value your time and will provide you with a quick decision (within 24 hrs).

Browse Land Loan Brochure

Unsecured Loans

Unlock your spending power with an ACB Unsecured Loan. You can borrow up EC$15,000 for vacation, land, education, car, or for whatever you desire. What are you waiting for, call our Loans Centre to make your appointment today!

Browse Unsecured Loan Brochure

Student Loans

You live in a highly competitive world with new opportunities and challenges everyday. How do you respond and position yourself to work in this world? With an ACB Student Loan to finance your education! Whether you are leaving Secondary School, or attending a local college or working and want to further your studies in Antigua or another country, we can help.

What do you need to apply?

  • A letter of acceptance from the University with its schedule of fees
  • A Guarantor/Co-Borrower
  • Adequate security
  • Life insurance

Benefits and Features

  • Up to 10 years to repay after graduation
  • Option to pay interest while studying
  • Up to six months to find employment after graduation
  • A very low interest rate

Vehicle Loans

Whether it’s your first or tenth vehicle owning a car is No Problem! Down payment can be as low as 5%.

Benefits and Features:

  • Up to 12 years to repay
  • Low monthly installments
  • A very low interest rate
  • Low down payment

Browse Vehicle Loan Brochure

Credit Cards

Enjoy the possibilities life has to offer with our international Visa and Mastercard credit cards. In addition to convenience and worldwide acceptance at millions of stores and ATMs, you can also keep track of your account online. Our cards are available in either EC or US currency. Enjoy what life has to offer!

  • Annual Fees:
     » Classic: Principal $100, Co-applicant $50
     » Gold: Principal: $150, Co-applicant $75
  • Late Payment: $15

General Requirements for Personal Loans and Credit Cards

  • Proof of Identification (Two government issued picture IDs, one of which must be a passport)
  • Proof of address – recent Utility bill
  • Proof of income – Employment/Job letter
  • Supporting Invoice/Agreement for Purchase/Acceptance Letter from University/College
  • Valuation report for property being utilised as security from Bank approved valuator, if applicable
  • Bank statement on account being utilised as cash security, if applicable
  • *We reserve the right to request additional information.

Golden Savings

Time seems to fly these days especially with major annual experiences such as your:

  • Insurance, vacation or even a down payment for your land or mortgage.
  • At ACB we have created our Golden Savings account to help you reach your short-term goals.
  • It’s very easy-just like box money, the difference is that interest is added to your hand.
  • The Golden Savings Account is structured to give you the discipline you need to reach your goal.

Benefits and Features:

  • Monthly Deposit must be in multiples of $100
  • Withdrawals are allowed only after 12 consecutive monthly deposits
  • Interest rate of 2%
  • Free deposits
  • Penalty for early withdrawal: $50 or savings rate whichever is higher
  • Free standing orders

Individual Retirement Accounts

Picture this..financial security, well-placed investments and the luxury of retirement in years to come. Whether you are just beginning or you’ve settled into your career an ACB Individual Retirement Account allows you to cultivate a habit of saving and building your nest egg with modest and affordable contributions.

So consider the big picture… start an ACB IRA today.

Benefits and Features:

  • Minimum: $5,000 to start
  • Compulsory additions of at least $250 per month
  • Interest rate that grows with your balance
  • Option of a monthly pension over 10,15 or 20 years