General Banking

Sale and Purchase of Foreign Currency

Antigua Commercial Bank deals in six currencies other than the EC$(Eastern Caribbean)- US$ (United States), £ (British Pound), Canadian CDN, EURO and Barbadian BDS . These currencies may be sold or purchased in the form of cash, drafts and/or travellers cheques.

Wire Transfers

Using our international network of Correspondent Banks we can transfer or receive funds on your behalf to any part of the world. The customer is required to pay a minimum fee for local and overseas transfers. See our Service Fee Schedule.

Certification of Balances

This is an official statement of your balance(s) on account(s) at a specific date, addressed to a named party. See our Service Fee Schedule.

Night Depository

This service is provided for business customers to deposit cash and/or cheques in the safe-keeping of the Bank outside of the normal banking hours in secure wallets or plastic pouches provided by the Bank. The contents are counted and credited to the customer account the business day following drop off. See our Service Fee Schedule.

Standing Orders

This is an automated service to make recurring payments to an account or third party on your behalf. e.g. insurance premiums, loan payments. See our Service Fee Schedule.


These are negotiable instruments issued on your behalf and payable to whomever you require. We issue drafts in six currencies: EC$(Eastern Caribbean), US$ (United States), £ (British Pound), Canadian CDN, Euros and BDS (Barbadian). See our Service Fee Schedule.