Personal care and timely attention are the hallmarks of our Private and Corporate Banking Division. We are focused on building long lasting mutually beneficial relationships. Each of our clients has a single point of contact to manage his/her business.

Our transaction and execution capabilities include:

  • Unique chequing and savings accounts such as Savings Chequing, Business Chequing, Current Accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts and 40 & Over Club Accounts
  • Cash management systems such as cash collection and concentration, disbursement, and funds transfer
  • Card products including individual and corporate credit cards, and merchant card processing
  • Overdraft (lines of credit) and term loans
  • Investment solutions such as certificate of deposits (CDs),
  • Safe custody services
  • International Banking services such as Letters of Credit, Wire Transfers, Foreign Exchange services

Term Loans

Business strategies differ and so do their financing needs. Our approach to lending is to customize loans to suit the needs of our clients. If you are considering a major business expenditure, such as the purchase of equipment or real estate our term loan financing is an attractive solution. It is typically repaid from your cash flow, over the useful life of the asset being financed.

Term loans are used for many reasons, such as to:
  • Expand or renovate an existing facility, or build a new one
  • Purchase or modernize equipment
  • Refinance or restructure existing debt
  • Finance acquisition of another business

Overdraft (Lines of Credit)

We tailor our lines of credit to your precise and unique funding needs, and base them on a wider range of factors. Our lenders will assist you to facilitate seamless and cost-effective financing when you need to expand inventory, adjust to seasonal needs, alleviate cash flow shortages, or are faced with sudden, unexpected opportunities.

Corporate Cards

Manage your organization's business expenses and monitor company spending more effectively. Streamline your organization's purchasing process with worldwide acceptance. Our Corporate Credit Card is ideally suited to businesses or partnerships that want the convenience of a widely accepted payment facility for employees incurring business expenses.

Let us help you simplify your business travel expenses while augmenting your cash flow.

First Start

First Start is an account held in Trust for children until they are eighteen years and focus parents and children on saving towards a goal. The money can be used for college education or to give a jump start in life after school (e.g. first land purchase). Unlike the regular Junior Savings, there is a minimum monthly deposit of at least $200. Payments must be consistent and no more than two payments can be missed in any calendar year.

Payments can be made as a lump sum up front (at least $1200) annually, or monthly. An account officer will be assigned to follow up with phone calls or e-mail whenever a monthly payment is not made. Standing orders for this purpose are free.

Benefits and Features:

  • A disciplined approach to your child’s financial future
  • Use of a trusted neutral party (ACB Mortgage and Trust)to see to it that the money is spent the way you desire

Business Chequing

Every business needs a chequing account, but your business is not the same as the one next door. That’s why we offer a business chequing account that earns interest. You work hard to build your business and so should your money.