Business Loans

Business strategies differ and so do their financing needs. Our approach to lending is to customise loans to suit the needs of our clients. If you are considering a major business expenditure, such as the purchase of equipment or real estate our term loan financing is an attractive solution. It is typically repaid from your cash flow, over the useful life of the asset being financed. Term loans are used for many reasons, such as to:
  • Expand or renovate an existing facility, or build a new one
  • Purchase or modernize equipment
  • Refinance or restructure existing debt
  • Finance acquisition of another business

General Requirements

  • Proof of Identification (Two government issued picture IDs, one of which must be a passport)
  • Proof of address – recent Utility Bill
  • Proof of income – Employment/Job letter
  • Supporting Invoice/Agreement for Purchase/Acceptance Letter from University/College
  • Valuation report for property being utilised as security from Bank approved valuator, if applicable
  • Bank statement on account being utilised as cash security, if applicable

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