October 2009
ACB launches International Debit Card

October 2009
ACB wins Pioneer Award from Caribbean Credit Card Corporation

July 2008
Sponsorship of Antigua Commercial Bank Panorama 2008

April 2008
Re-launch of ACB Louis H. Lockhart Scholarship

February 2008
30th Anniversary of Parish League Cricket sponsorship

October 2007
Change of logos for ACB and ACB Mortgage & Trust.

October 2007
Launch on Internet Banking

September 14, 2005
ACB launches E-commerce solution at ICT Fest 2005

October 2003
Start of annual sponsorship for International College Fair

July 1, 2003
ACB floated a US$22 million bond to dredge the Heritage Quay Pier to accommodate mega cruise ships

March 17, 2001
ACB’s partners with HAMA to produce the OECS’ first locally produced full length feature film

October 22, 2000
ACB Mortgage and Trust Company Ltd. officially opens ACB Financial Centre

November 1999
ACB named Best Corporate Citizen in the Eastern Caribbean by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

August 1998
ACB launches Home Bound account for Antiguans in the United Kingdom

January 22, 1992
ACB Louis H. Lockhart Scholarship Programme is launched.

December 1, 1990
ACB launches its "Penny" ATM service. The first bank to offer ATM service in Antigua & Barbuda

October 20, 1989
ACB launches its Student Loan scheme. The first commercial bank to do so.

October 1, 1987
ACB Mortgage and Trust commence operations

September 15, 1987
ACB Mortgage & Trust Company Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, is established.

September 30, 1985
ACB achieves its goal of becoming the bank with the largest share of deposits in Antigua & Barbuda

April 1984
ACB is the first bank in Antigua and Barbuda to be computerized

October 27, 1969
Commencement of Commercial Banking

July 15, 1969
Commencement of conversion from a savings & loans association to a commercial bank